Profitable Career Opportunities for People That Love Animals

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Animal lovers have more career opportunities that allow them to spend time with the creatures they love than ever before. Veterinary services, daycare facilities, and specialized salons are just a small part of the industry that caters to domestic pets. Two profitable career options are as a pet groomer and an obedience instructor. Both have almost unlimited potential for the right candidate.

Choosing a Field

Groomers and trainers have many similar skills. People that love working with animals and are comfortable with a variety of different sizes and personalities of cats and dogs will enjoy both of these jobs. It is important that these people also communicate well with humans because a large part of the work is relating to the owners of the pets and understanding their needs. Dog trainers need to appreciate discipline and have the ability to command attention from unruly students. The best groomers are those that use their pet groomer training to become updated on the latest styles and stay current over the years. They should understand specific grooming standards for all breeds and have some knowledge of pet care to help manage skin, ear and eye health and identify when there are potential concerns.

Getting an Education

Both grooming classes and dog obedience trainer school are relatively quick to complete. Some people may choose to follow their education with hands-on experience in a salon or an obedience school to increase their knowledge base. A two or four-year degree in business administration is important for anyone that is interested in building a company of their own.

Finding a Job

Employment opportunities are plentiful for both of these careers. Groomers and trainers that remain flexible about their work environment will have no trouble locating a job. Groomers often work in veterinary clinics, pet shops and have their own salons in their home or elsewhere. Trainers are also fortunate to have the option to offer classes on their own or work as part of a team with a school. Specialized training for police or service dogs is something that may open even more doors for a skilled trainer.

Many animal lovers take advantage of the availability of training courses to gain multiple sets of skills. This enables them to work with the largest variety of animals and have a career that is always interesting and exciting.